Miles Sanders Jersey

It’s been said that he gets ‘too cute’ in the hole at times instead of blasting through it. It’s been said that he isn’t fast enough to get to the corner and around it. It’s even been said that he doesn’t have the speed to make ‘home run’ plays. He hasn’t even seen an NFL field, and already, Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders has seen his fair share of criticism.

Who knows who said it first, but a wise man once said that a man’s opinion is only as valuable as his knowledge of the subject. Fran Duffy and Amy Franklin of Eagles Draft Central understand that, so shortly after 2019’s version of the NFL Draft concluded, they spoke with a coach who should know Sanders pretty well, James Franklin.

He just happens to be the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team. He had nothing but glowing reports on Sanders. Okay, so you’re probably thinking he’s biased, and he probably is. Still, you don’t become the nation’s top running back recruit out of high school for no reason.

You also don’t rack up over 1,200 rushing yards by accident as a junior. You definitely don’t have Saquon Barkley ‘looking over his shoulder’ as Franklin said, and you probably wouldn’t earn Second team All-Big Ten honors in 2018 if you weren’t special.

Words like special don’t describe Sanders well enough. In fact, to describe him accurately, you’d have to make up words. Ohilly’s new tailback comes with some talent. Sure, it’s raw, but it’s supposed to be. He’s a rookie.

Yes, we’re actually going to say this. Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. Everybody start looking for a really cool nickname. Here’s a guy that may earn one. With Doug Pederson and Mike Groh‘s creativity and Duce Staley‘s assistance with coaching, we might have one of those Pennsylvania running backs, Brian Westbrook for example, that have made Eagles fans fall in love a time or two.

The excitement is there. Sanders only needs to live up to the hype. There shouldn’t be any issues with that barring some unforeseen injury.